Stories are meant to be shared. Moments never stand still.

Capturing the perfectly imperfect, the pretty things, your beautiful faces, and all the love vibes

Every person, every brand, every project has a story waiting to be shared.

Let’s share your story.
Let’s create something magical together.

More About Me

Photographer | Content Creator | Music Artist Manager

Hi, I’m Juliann! The Pacific Coast has always been my backyard playground; Los Angeles is what I call home. I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with pie, green tea, and world traveling. Sharing stories and chasing emotions are some of my favorite things to do. I love driving with the windows down, the moonroof open (especially late at night under the stars) and I’ll probably never turn down a golden hour adventure. My love languages include: sass, sarcasm, and food. I’m a compulsive Netflix binge watcher when it comes to rom-com dramas, but my favorite things to watch are those painfully cheesy and awful movies on ABC Family during Christmas. I’m a deep life conversationalist over small talk type of girl, and 98.9% of the time I’ll choose a lavender matcha latte as my caffeine of choice. Oh and PS. I’m an excellent third wheeler. 

On the Blog

I photo things, and I write things

For all the latest happenings and my whereabout (you know, all the “business-y” things), please visit my Photo + Travel journal.

If you feel like getting a little more on the personal, please visit my #WordsByJules blog. You’ll find a lot of word vomit, life lessons, and honesty in that corner. Because the reality is: Life gets messy sometimes. But the truth is: We’re never alone.

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