Los Angeles may be my home base, but I’m available for worldwide travel! I’m obsessed with traveling (near and far), and while I find so much joy in photographing beautiful places, I also love the elements of experiencing new cultures, exploring untouched destinations, and conversing with local people.

Being able to travel has been such a true blessing, and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to over half of the United States and 16 countries (and still counting!), with many cities and islands in between.

If we happen to be at the same point on the map, and you’d like me to photograph your engagement/wedding/hotel/restaurant/fashion line/you get the point, please inquire! And if I’m not in your town, feel free to still reach out… maybe I’ll be able to swing by!

2019 Travel Itinerary

21-23 || Lubbock, Texas
25-29 || Oahu, Hawaii

20-23 || Chicago, Illinois
23-July 10 || Kauai, Hawaii

June 23-10 || Kauai, Hawaii

8-12 || Glen Arbor, Michigan

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